Blockchain Cards

Spells of Genesis uses Counterparty Tokens to represent cards within the game. You can buy, sell and trade these cards peer-to-peer. Most cards are locked, meaning that no more can ever be created, which ensures their rarity.

Visit sogassets.com to see the details for all of the cards.

You need to have a Counterparty compatible wallet/address (not an exchange address) to hold your card(s), and either Bitcoin (BTC) or BitCrystals (BCY) to make the transaction.

The following wallets are being used actively by the SoG community:


Blockchain card purchases must be paid in either Bitcoin (BTC) or BitCrystals (BCY). We only stock one of any given card at a time. If two customers have the same card in their cart, the first customer to start a transaction will get the card. You have 21 minutes to send your payment or the card will go back into stock for another user to purchase.

Depending on the rarity/value of the card, we will require a number of confirmations of the transaction before we dispense the card to your address. For most purchases we will automatically send your card after three (3) confirmations. For high value cards (think Satoshicard) we will be requiring 6 confirmations and a manual co-signer (multisig) to verify the transaction and finalize the send. During our normal waking hours (Denver, US), that will usually happen within an hour or two. There could be a delay of up to 24 hours to receive your card (usually less than 8 hours). Don't Panic!

Good question indeed. We (In Satoshi We Trust, LLC) are Platinum Partners (early backers) of Spells of Genesis and have been active in the community since the early days. We are the authors of sogassets.com and the SoG and Swapbot "Slackbots" (Slack slash command integrations). We are @markxmayer and @ebx in the Spells of Genesis Slack. But really, that is not enough. Ask around the Slack and form your own opinion. We hope to earn your trust and welcome any questions or concerns you might have.

Carts containing blockchain cards are expired after 30 minutes due the possibility of price change. If your cart expires and you still would like to purchase them, simply re-add them and proceed to checkout.


SOGBazaar posters are custom printed to your specifications at the time of order. The posters are printed using a 12-color process to achieve a wide color gamut for vibrant, rich color on both media choices. The media and posters are handled with cotton glove clad hands to eliminate fingerprints. They are carefully rolled, packaged in poly tubing and then inserted into a rugged mailing tube for shipping to you.

As with all rolled paper, it will retain some curl when removed from the shipping tube. The curl will relax naturally over time, or can be reduced by gently rolling the posters in the opposite direction of the curl. Caution should be taken to not get fingerprints on the poster, or dent the paper by rolling too tightly.

Everdreamsoft is controlling the release of the art to print posters. New art will be released, but we have no timeline or priority for the release at this point. As soon as we have more details, we will share it with you, our valued customer. Hang in there, we all want a SATOSHICARD poster. :)

We are considering other products, such as T-shirts, mousepads, etc., but there are no solid plans yet. If you have any particular interests in a product type, please send us a message via the contact form.

We accept Bitcoin (BTC) and BitCrystals (BCY) directly through our custom payment backend.

At this time payments for posters are processed "zero-conf," which means as soon as we see the payment on the Bitcoin or Counterparty network, we mark your order "complete." However, before the order is sent for printing, we will re-confirm the payment. If a double spend was executed against us, the order will be cancelled, and an email notification will be sent to the address on file for that order.

Partial payments are handled automatically. Payments can come from multiple sources/addresses, but all payments must be made using a single token type (all BTC or all BCY).

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and other Credit & Debit Cards through Stripe. We accept Bitcoin through Stripe if you prefer.

Poster orders are shipped daily M-F (usually within 2-3 business days from order) from Denver, CO via USPS or UPS, utilizing the service you choose.

Domestic Shipping

USPS Priority Mail Express® (overnight guaranteed) includes tracking and up to $100 insurance against damage or loss. USPS Priority Mail® (1-3 business days) includes tracking and up to $50 insurance against damage or loss. Click here to see time in transit from 80112.

All UPS shipping methods are insured up to $100 in value.

International Shipping

First-Class Package International Service® from the USPS is the cheapest method to ship, but it does not include tracking nor insurance against loss or damage. As such, if you choose First-Class Package International Service®, we cannot be held responsible for the arrival of your package, nor it's condition. USPS Priority Mail Express International® (3-5 business days) and USPS Priority Mail International® (6-10 business days) includes package tracking and up to $200 insurance against loss or damage. See here (https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm) for information about what is needed to file an insurance claim.

All UPS shipping methods are insured up to $100 in value.

We are not responsible for duties and/or taxes accumulated during shipping of international orders.